We’re often asked by entrepreneurs, VCs, and others in the entrepreneurial community, “What kinds of companies do you invest in?” The short answer is — almost anything. We’ve backed startups in industries ranging from AdTech to Zoological DNA tests.

💻 Software is a key lever in most of our investments.

💵 We favor founders who are commercially oriented.

🌱 Our investments happen exclusively at the seed stage.

Beyond those guidelines, we’re open to almost anything. Here’s a sample of the startups we’ve backed:

A: AdTech: TheTradeDesk IntegralAds Moat

B: B2B SaaS: Airtable Drift

C: Consumer transportation: Uber

D: D2C cologne: Hawthorne

E: EdTech: Codecademy SkillShare ClassTag Andela

F: Flooring-as-a-Service: Broadlume

G: Gifting tech: Alyce

H: HealthTech: Omada Health Whoop Kinsa

I: InsureTech: CoverWallet

J: Just-in-time accommodations: HotelTonight

K: Korean ecommerce: Coupang

L: Logistics: Transfix

M: Metal 3-D printers: Desktop Metal

N: Nursing marketplaces: Trusted Health

O: Online piano lessons: JoyTunes

P: Pharmacy 2.0: PillPack

Q: Q&A for technical audiences: StackExchange

R: Resin-based 3-D printers: Formlabs

S: Security system management: Verkada

T: Ticketing: SeatGeek

U: Upscale, plus-sized fashion: Dia & Co

V: Video games that replace pills: Mightier

W: WWW frameworks: Ionic Julia Computing

X: X-Ray for business processes: Optimizely Blissfully

Y: Youth enrichment toys: Lovevery

Z: Zoological DNA test kits: Embark

Quick aside, these obviously aren’t the exact terms the founders use to describe their businesses, and we hope they don’t mind the creative license we’ve taken to cover the alphabet :-) This also isn’t an exhaustive list. We’ve invested in too many weird and wonderful startups to fit them all in a single thread.

Our goal is to be the first money into news startups that will make these look traditional in comparison. If you’re working on AdTech, EdTech, FinTech, MedTech, or any other kind of tech — please reach out. It doesn’t matter if you’re B2B, D2C, IoT, SaaS, or some other acronym that hasn’t been invented yet — we’d love to chat.


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