Parul Singh, Principal

Today we’re thrilled to welcome Parul Singh back to Founder Collective as our new Principal. We had the good fortune to work with Parul while she was receiving her MBA from MIT’s Sloan school and have kept a close eye on her journey as a founder since.

At Founder Collective we believe the founders want to work with investors who understand the challenges of their own journey. Investors who evaluate companies in economic terms, but who can also appreciate the brick by brick work done to build great companies.

After announcing that we were looking for a new team member, we received hundreds of impressive CVs. We saw academic superstars, Olympians, and many with elite finance backgrounds, but none had Parul’s unique blend of technological skill and founding experience. She is an engineer, writer, teacher, and most importantly, startup founder.

After working at Founder Collective, while studying at Sloan, Parul founded Gradeable and quickly established relationships with organizations like Teach for America to deploy products designed to bring classrooms into the mobile era and help teachers use data to make their teaching more effective.

Beyond her founding experience, Parul has been active in many sectors of the tech world — After studying government (and taking courses in computer science) as an undergrad at Harvard, she worked at the dot com era’s best known web agency, Razorfish, building interfaces for some of the hottest companies of the first tech boom.

She parlayed that expertise into building technology solutions for newsrooms at Inc. and the New York Times, as a developer turned product manager. At the NYT, she led product for many of the multimedia features that define the modern newsroom — the video player on homepage, photo slideshows, and podcasts (before they were a thing).

Parul is extremely versatile; she lectures on analytics at Northeastern University, but has also written a novel that recasts the opera Carmen in 1970s London. She’s had success deploying education products in the New York City Public Schools, while keeping current on machine learning developments.

We feel fortunate to have Parul returning to FC and we are certain that she’ll bring great value to the Founder Collective community be a force in the technology ecosystem going forward. Parul will be working out of our Cambridge office and will frequently be in NYC and SF. You can follow her @Parulia, reach out to her at Contact@FounderCollective, or her blog.

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