New Year’s Resolution? Founder Collective’s portfolio can help!

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4 min readJan 2, 2024

2024 is upon us! While we’re proudly anti-thematic at Founder Collective, our portfolio has a surprisingly large collection of startups to help you get going on your New Year’s Resolution! Here are some popular goals people set and a couple dozen products and services that can supercharge your progress toward meeting them!

🏋️ Getting fit in 2024?

WHOOP is an indispensable tool that helps you understand the relationship between your workouts and sleep in one sleek wearable. They’re offering a free month to kick off the new year, so there is no excuse not to try it!

🥘 Eating healthier?

Grocers List turns inspirational recipes on Instagram into actionable shopping lists to help make healthy cooking a bit more convenient (and no one will know if you make the occasional sweet treat.)

If you want to see how these new recipes impact your blood sugar, why not give Levels, a continuous glucose monitoring startup that helps make the connection between what you eat and how you feel, a shot?

Finally, if you need a little help recovering from last night’s festivities, check out Cheers, which offers an all-natural solution to over-indulgence!

💍 Dressing better in 2024?

Need new bling? Check out BaubleBar! Looking to upgrade your self-care supplies? Hawthorne has you covered. Are you in the market for a new (to you) Birkin? Rebag can hook you up.

📺 More mindful about media consumption?

Don’t waste another year watching the sub-par content services put in front of you! Queue is a TV Guide for the streaming era. Use it to keep tabs on what’s new and learn what’s worth your time from people you trust!

🧬 Interested in genealogy (about your Great Dane)?

Embark Veterinary’s DNA testing can help you chart the family tree of your furry friend!

🕉️ Serious about meditation?

Keep the positive vibes of the holiday season going into the new year with meditation! Ten Percent Happier helps introduce the practice to “fidgety skeptics,” so get started today!

🤝 Upgrading your network?

For freelancers hoping to up their game in 2024, there’s no better community to join than Pollen, which offers career playbooks and peer connections.

Want to bring a community you already belong to online? Consider using Mighty Networks and imagine what’s possible when your community, challenges, online courses, and memberships live in one place!

👏 Getting cultured?

SeatGeek can help you get tickets to live performances, no matter if your tastes run towards the Metropolitan Opera or Major League Baseball (and if you want to put a little action on the outcome of any sporting events, Pikkit will get you sorted.)

🎹 Learning to play an instrument?

Simply simplifies learning to play the piano or guitar or upping your singing game with an AI-powered app!

Do you love music but don’t have time to practice an instrument? Check out Suno, which uses generative AI to create new musical compositions based on textual prompts. What a fascinating modern age we live in!

🎨 Embracing your artsy side?

Skillshare has an astonishingly extensive content library to help you learn everything from calligraphy to video creation. If your interests lie more in web design, look at Universe, an innovative, mobile-first creator tool that was an Apple App of the Year in 2023! Finally, a Formlabs 3-D printer is an indispensable piece of equipment for those whose hobbies lean toward building in the real world.

🚗 Make your commute work for you!

Are you “back to office” in 2024? If so, did you know you can actually earn money by mapping your drive using Hivemapper? Or turn traffic jams into a learning time by buying discounted audiobooks from BookBub.

🎧 Learning Spanish?

Have you resolved to learn Spanish using Duolingo in 2024? If so, consider subscribing to some podcasts made by Sonoro. You’ll find true crime, telenovelas, and the odd podcast about cryptozoology that will put your newfound language skills to the test in a muy agradable way.

👶 Want to hear the pitter-patter of little founders’ feet in 2024?

Conceive and PairTree can help those who want to get in the family way, while Lovevery ensures their education will be top-notch and highly tactile from the first day!

Everyone at Founder Collective wishes you a fantastic 2024 and if your New Year’s resolution is to start a company, please let us know when you’re in the market for venture capital!



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